HORRORSTÖR by Grady Hendrix

horrorstörI picked up this book last month at my university’s book store and finished it in a few weeks. Now that I am an “adult” with a job I get pretty busy, so I am lucky if I finish a book in a month to be honest! The fact that I was able to finish this book in a little over a week is saying a lot. This was an easy read for me and Grady Hendrix’s writing style made me feel like I was listening to my best friend tell me a story while simultaneously putting me inside the main character’s body. There are parts in this story that actually creeped me out, completely gave me the heebie jeebies, and for me that is a rare experience. Being the horror lover that I am it has become increasingly difficult for me to find a novel or movie that freaks me out (jump scares don’t count!). Without giving any spoilers this is a retail worker’s worst nightmare come to life in ORSK (an imitation IKEA store) were we are placed in Amy’s shoes as she traverses the unknown and reaches her limits surpassing them.

If you’ve read this and want to show your love comment or e-mail me!

Grady Hendrix

(Picture by Mod-Lyn, on a Rolling Waves table cloth I crocheted. Pattern by Bella Coco)


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