Asylum by Madeleine Roux


This tasty tidbit turned out to be an extremely amazing series that I have almost completed. A pleasant surprise awaited me at the end of this first installment of the Asylum series. I thought it was going to a a middle schoolesque book that would be alright, I would place it back on my bookcase and let it collect dust for 10-odd years. NOPE! The three main characters, Dan, Abby and Jordan, of the book really embody the awkwardness of high school and making friends. (It only gets more difficult as you get older). Enter paranormal goodness, haunted former-asylums and you have a recipe for a great introduction to a strange new world. This is not your average “ghost story” and depending on your disposition it can get pretty gruesome. I am anxiously awaiting to see what this imaginative author does next outside of the world of the Asylum series.

Madeleine Roux

(Picture by Mod-Lyn, on a Rolling Waves table cloth I crocheted. Pattern by Bella Coco)


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