Movie Review: Happy Death Day

Release Date: 13 October 2017

Director: Christopher Landon

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Producer: Jason Blum


So, I purchased the blu-ray for this movie at my job after missing it in theaters. Two days later a coworker who saw me buying it greeted me with, “Oh man I can’t believe _____ did it!”

And so the spoiler was born!

I still watched it (obviously). It’s a good thing that this movie is a lighthearted horror-comedy. For reference, my SO was able to figure out who the killer was without my spoiling it. The characters were funny and horror trope-y and I feel this movie has a pretty decent replay value for me. I mean, let’s talk about how creepy the mascot of the university is…the Babies? Really?!

Now, without insulting too many people, I feel it goes into a similar vein as the Scary Movie franchise and the Scream films. Albeit not as good a movie as Scream but still a movie that is able to kind of make fun of itself while still being considered a horror movie.




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