Hello there, my name is of no importance. Just kidding! My name is Audra and I have loved reading and writing since as far back as I can remember. When I was between 4 and 5 years old I remember my mom buying me a subscription of Scholastic’s children’s books and I would tear through them in the same day. My tastes in genres has been altered a bit, now I enjoy horror, paranormal, mystery, fantasy, etc.

I have a cat named Hagrid (=^^=) and a human man that I love who shall remain anonymous.  Sometimes I feel as if I am an 80 year old woman on the inside, it doesn’t help that I knit and crochet in front of my television any chance I get! Horror-related things are pretty much the majority of what I listen to, read or watch.

(I will add more to this as I see fit).